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Group Dental Insurance Syracuse

Group Dental Insurance in Syracuse, NY

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Did you know?

"Dental disease accounts for more than 20 million lost work days and 6 million days of disability …Every Year!"

Poor Dental Health affects your bottom line due to reduced productivity on the job and missed work days.

Proper preventive care and dental treatment is an integral part of healthy living. Dental care coverage is often cited as an important factor in attracting and keeping top candidates to your business. Failing to offer a dental benefit plan can be a financial burden on your employees that leads to loss of productivity and increased turnover of trained staff.

But, as a small business owner, you've probably thought that having dental care coverage for you and your employees was out of your reach.

Your Fiscal Fitness LLC can show small-business owners, as well as the self-employed, how you can have a cost effective, quality, comprehensive dental care program.

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Dental plans basically provide three levels of service which typically include:

Preventive Services

Teeth cleaning, fluoride treatments for children, space maintainers, emergency treatment, oral examinations, x-rays, topical sealants.

Basic Services

Laboratory tests; fillings – amalgam, silicate & acrylic, repair & maintenance of bridgework & dentures, extractions, anesthesia, stainless steel & acrylic crowns, oral surgery, root canal.

Major Services

Gold & porcelain fillings & crowns, installation of bridgework & crowns, periodontic services.