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Meet Clark Gronsbell

Father, NY Health Insurance Broker, Syracuse Financial Advisor, Grandfather, Tax Preparer, Small Business Owner… Man of Many Hats!

Clark Gronsbell is the owner and founder of Your Fiscal Fitness LLC. For nearly 30 years Clark’s commitment to personal attention assures his ability to deliver seamless headache free services to his clients. Clients at Your Fiscal Fitness LLC work with Clark directly, not some hourly employee. Bringing decades of experience partnering with companies of all different sizes has made Clark and his team "Masters of Integration and Implementation". His innate ability to make the complicated more understandable stems from his years of experience as a Certified Public Accountant explaining tax regulations to clients. Your Fiscal Fitness LLC delivers stress free benefit solutions while simplifying the complexities in New York’s ever changing healthcare environment.

Your Qualified Partner

Throughout his career Clark has placed a high priority on providing tailored solutions… because there is no "One size fits all". This is why Your Fiscal Fitness LLC is an Independent Brokerage representing a number of different carriers with a myriad of products and solutions. You don't have to become an expert in employee benefits… you just need to work with someone who is! You will never feel forced into a plan that isn't your perfect fit. At Your Fiscal Fitness LLC, we are "Fiercely Independent"… we work for our clients NOT the insurance companies. This is how Your Fiscal Fitness LLC conducts business!

Prior to founding Your Fiscal Fitness LLC Clark was a Certified Public Accountant in the Washington DC metropolitan area. This financial discipline engrains an attention to detail and emphasis on cost savings ensuring your organization will have a benefit portfolio that is both comprehensive and financially viable.

Helping Individuals And Small Businesses

At Your Fiscal Fitness LLC our target market is the small business owner and their employees. Whether you own a business or work for one, we all share similar financial needs and goals. Companies are made up of individuals, and they all need guidance in the complex world of insurance and investments. Our goal is quite simple really… to maximize value and minimize costs. Our team has a thorough understanding of the regulatory climate, and we will ensure your organization stays compliant competitive and cutting edge. That’s what fiscal fitness is… and that is what Your Fiscal Fitness LLC does!

Meet Clark…

Life is hectic… Employee Benefits and Insurance are complicated enough, so making the right decision is vital… YOU SHOULDN'T TRY TO GO IT ALONE!

There are many factors to consider in this process and choices can be overwhelming… "Our clients are too busy running their businesses, their lives, or their families to become experts in Health Insurance, Medicare, Investments, or Employee Benefit Plans. That’s why they rely on us!"

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Our New York State Brokerage specializes in serving clients in Onondaga, Oneida, Madison, Cayuga and Oswego Counties. Although, we have a focus on Central New York, we do serve businesses across the state and nation who have employees in New York.